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Transcendentalist Intersections: Literature, Philosophy, Religion

November 6, 2016

Dear Colleagues,


Cover of the first issue of the Dial, the Transcendentalist magazine edited by Margaret Fuller and Ralph Waldo Emerson (Courtesy of the Newberry Library, Chicago. Call # A5 .275)

We would like to share with you the announcement of an upcoming conference,

Transcendentalist Intersections: Literature, Philosophy, Religion,” which is slated to take place on July 26–29, 2018 at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. This international event is co-sponsored by the Ralph Waldo Emerson Society, the Margaret Fuller Society, and the Anglistisches Seminar and Center for American Studies at the University of Heidelberg.

In the spirit of The Dial under Margaret Fuller’s editorship, the organizers aim to do justice to the breadth and depth of the Transcendentalist movement by employing multi-disciplinary approaches. Specifically, the conference invites contributions that discuss “the entanglements of Transcendentalists (major or minor) with other 19th-century American religious movements such as the Second Great Awakening, the Holiness and Spiritualist revivals, Catholic immigration, and the emergence of groups centered around new ‘American Scriptures’ such as Mormonism.” Regarding literature, the conference will highlight “texts and authors traditionally ignored or cast as ‘minor’” paying especial attention to forms of writing like journalism, literature of reform or revolt, correspondence, travel writing, history, and philosophy as literature.

The conference is currently calling for papers. More details can be found here.


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