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Upcoming Workshop on “Literature and Religion”

September 1, 2021

The research group on “Literature and Religion” at the University of Halle is hosting a two-day workshop on the theme of “Rhetoric and Transcendence,” September 30 – October 1, 2021, organized by Robert Buch and Daniel Weidner.

The general aim of the workshop centers on recent reformulations of the relationship between religious and literary studies. Rather than insist on strict disciplinary entrenchment, the research group encourages scholars to explore mutual points of contact and shared interests—how literary and cultural studies have become more open to religious semantics and horizons of thinking, while philological and interpretive methods have recast approaches to theology and religious practices. As the organizers frame the field: “Literary-aesthetic questions, for example, about the mediality of literature often have religious implications and, conversely, can be related to aesthetic or poetic theologies. Figures of thought such as poetic charisma, community of reading, or literary canon are decisive for the politics of literature precisely in their religious associations. In this context, religion is currently no longer identified as a matter of course with theological dogma or with Christianity; Jewish affiliation, Islamic piety, spiritual knowledge, etc. can also be considered in connection with literature and literary procedures.”

Further information may be found on the event’s webpage.

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