A Comparatist’s Alphabet of the Study of
Religion and Literature
—free association gone amok—
A  Allen Ginsberg’s Plutonian Ode
B  Blasphemy and Censorship
C Carnival and the Carnivalesque
D Derrida and Messianicity
E Eroticism, Excess, and Excretion
F Folklore, Myth, and Fairy Tale
G Gothic and Horror Fiction
H Hallucinogens, Altered States of Consciousness, and Sacred Visions
I Io, Europa, and the Bull
J Jewish and Christian Prayers
K Kierkegaard and Kafka
L Liminality and Rites of Passage
M The Writings of the Marquis de Sade, Maurice Blanchot, and Michel Foucault
N The Non-Postcolonialist vs. the Non-Hermeneutical
O The Other
P Paul Ricoeur’s The Bible and Imagination
Q Queer Theory
R The Return of the Repressed
S Sin and Sexuality
T Tricksters and Transgressors
U The Upanishads
V Violence and the Sacred
W Wild Men, Sacred Savages, and Holy Fools
X Xenophobia and Xenophilia
Y Yuletide and Neopaganism
Z Zeno’s Paradoxes